CONNECT! Installation

At Boat Command, I have a business position. I work on things like accounting and marketing, and try to let people who are much smarter than me handle the programming and electronics.  However, today I installed a CONNECT! on my uncle’s sailboat. My uncle wants to monitor the house batteries, the starter battery, location, bilge pump activity, and high water. I told him that these can easily be monitored with CONNECT! and got to work.


When I arrived at the sailboat I started by unscrewing the electronics dashboard at the navigation station. After locating the house batteries I attached the red and black wires from CONNECT! to the positive and negative sides of the battery. And voila! There was power! I then ran the pink wire from CONNECT! to the starter battery. The next step was to run the blue wire from the device to the bilge pump. This required getting into a few “yoga” positions but wasn’t too hard. While I was running the blue wire to the bilge pump, I was also running the orange wire. I attached this wire to a bilge pump float that I attached above the bilge pump. If the water level rises above the bilge pump to the float, an alert will be sent to my uncle and anyone else that he gives access to the account.

After installing a CONNECT! myself, I’m convinced any boater with a hammer and a good toolbox can do it!

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