CONNECT! in Detail: GPS and Security

Most things have changed since the time of the Egyptians. We don’t ride camels to work and we don’t bury people in “structures built by aliens”. However, boat monitoring has seen no update. We still tie our boats up at the marina. We still travel to our boats to make sure they’re in ship shape and where we left them.


Boat Command is here to change the way we look at boating with our new product, CONNECT! At some point during your boat ownership, you have probably let somebody use your boat. And it’s natural for you to wonder if your boat has been returned to the dock. In the past you would have made a special trip to the marina just like the ancient Egyptians.

Now, CONNECT! allows you to see where your boat is at anytime and from anywhere. If you let your kids take out your boat but told them not to go past a certain point, you can make sure they didn’t. Not that your kids aren’t trustworthy but we’ve all been there. GPS is another way to make sure your boat hasn’t been stolen or taken without permission. CONNECT! allows you to set up a geo-fence. This allows you to create a perimeter around your boat. If your boat leaves the perimeter, an automatic alert will be sent to you.

CONNECT! is also capable of monitoring points of entry. It’s not a hidden fact that strangers will often enter boats when boat owners are away. You can connect door switches or motion sensors to CONNECT! in order to keep an eye on your boat while it’s docked. We may not have hundreds of servants to take care of our boats like the Egyptian Pharaohs, but we do have CONNECT!

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