Bringing You Up to Date… An Overview

Every once in a while, a disruptive innovation comes along and completely changes a market – making a technology affordable and sensible for widespread use. Boat Command’s “CONNECT!” is one such innovation. Let’s take a time machine back to January. Just after the New Year we had an idea for a device that monitors key features on boats. We called this device, Boat CONNECT! or more simply just CONNECT!


After many brainstorming sessions, we decided that CONNECT! should monitor the following features: the location of the boat through GPS, battery voltage, bilge pump activity, high water level, shore power, and entry alert. CONNECT! generates reports based on what the device is monitoring and sends them to users via the mobile app or website. This is useful because many boat owners are not able visit their boats as often as they would like. When boat owners are able to visit their boats, CONNECT! allows them to have peace of mind that their boat will be in good condition when they arrive. We’ve spent a majority of the first few months searching for a device that could be configured to satisfy CONNECT!’s criteria. And good news, we’ve found a device that not only satisfies the above criteria but also allows for controls.

Instead of just reporting the location of a boat or the battery voltage, controls allow you to operate functions on a boat remotely. These could include turning on your lights or air conditioning via our mobile app or website. The CONNECT! device will be available starting in August with beta testing beginning in July. Continue to check back with this blog for updates and to get more details on how CONNECT! is revolutionizing the world of boating. To preorder CONNECT! or to get more product details click here:


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