CONNECT! in Detail: Battery Voltage

How inconvenient is it to come home just before your favorite TV show or sporting event, and find that your remote is out of battery? After blaming your significant other for the dead remote, you’ll likely spend the next few minutes rummaging through drawers searching for those elusive double “A” batteries. This wasted time could cost you the first quarter of a big game or a major plot development in your favorite TV show.

However inconvenient a dead TV remote may be, it is only a matter of minutes before your remote is back in action. Showing up to your boat to find that the boat batteries are dead can take hours to remedy. Unlike your TV remote, this inconvenience could result in a miserable family outing or disappointing those friends and clients you were trying to impress. New TVs now let you know when your remote batteries are running low, and this is what Boat Command’s CONNECT! can do for your boat.

When installing your CONNECT!, a wire is run to the batteries in your boat. The CONNECT! device reads the batteries’ voltage and then makes this information available to you via our app or website. CONNECT! can’t guarantee that your boat’s batteries will never die, but it can notify you whenever your batteries are losing power. Never again be surprised by dead batteries. Only be surprised by the thrills of the boating experience.

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