CONNECT! in Detail: Bilge Pumps and High Water Alarm

What would your reaction be if you drove all the way to the marina just to find your boat like this?

P1220169My reaction would probably qualify for America’s Funniest Home Videos, and I can imagine your’s would too! The chances of your boat sinking while at port are slim. Nonetheless, boaters always worry that this might happen, but not anymore with CONNECT!. CONNECT! logs valuable data about your bilge pumps. You’re able to see when your bilge pumps are activated and how long they run. CONNECT! also has the capability to alert you if the water level rises to high.

Let’s pretend you look at your CONNECT! app and see that your bilge pumps have been running continuously over the last 24 hours. This would concern any boater. However, you might not know exactly why the bilge pumps are running. The boat maintenance worker could have accidentally bumped into the manual bilge pump switch. Or, the worst could be true, your boat has a leak. CONNECT! allows you to glance at the high water monitor to see if water is pouring into your boat or there was a manual mistake. Instead of jumping in your car and rushing to the marina, you can now conveniently look view our app or website to determine the next step. Save time and eliminate worry with Boat Command’s CONNECT!


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