CONNECT! in Detail: Controls

Controls is a term we like to use at Boat Command for turning on features on your boat remotely. For example, think of air conditioning. CONNECT!’s control functions allow you to turn on your boat’s A/C a couple of hours before you get to your boat. This can be done from your home, your office, or on the road. Just visit our easy to use mobile app or website. Turning on your air conditioning may not be the most revolutionary thing to happen in boating. However, it does give your guests a great and cool first impression. And you never get a second chance to make a first impression.


CONNECT! also allows you to turn on and off lights via the app or website. This may not sound that exciting but I picture it like this. After a nice dinner at the marina restaurant, you and your guests will have to make the long walk back to your boat just as the sun is setting. You casually pull out your phone and with the swipe of your finger, light! Your boat shines like a Christmas tree among the other boats. Your guests will be amazed at the beauty of your boat under the stars.

Controls may not make you a better captain but they add something special to your boat. They add the ability to impress those people you care about. They make the experience of boating better.

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