Engine Monitoring

Have you ever wanted to monitor your engine hours? Well, now you can with Boat Command’s CONNECT! As a company, we are continuously conducting Research & Development. And this benefits you as the end user. We are always trying out new hardware or trying out a new way of programming. (Actually, I never try out new ways of programming. But we do have a highly qualified person who does.) Right now we’ve got new door switches and motion sensors set up all around the office. Why should I monitor engine hours you ask? Engine usage it what manufacturers use to estimate when maintenance on your boat engines needs to be performed. Engines often need to be serviced every 50 or 100 hours. CONNECT! is an easy way to help you keep track of how many hours your engines have run since your last scheduled maintenance. You can even share your engine hour information with your dealer so they can help you schedule maintenance.

No Boat Engine

You should monitor engine hours unless you have a boat like this of course!

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