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How does it work?

Boat Command works by monitoring your boat’s vital systems and data. Boat Command transmits this data to our cloud servers via cellular signal. This data becomes instantly viewable on your smart phone, tablet and the Boat Command website.
Boat Command requires a low $8.99 monthly subscription to pay for the cellular data service. The Boat Command device connects to the cellular network using the latest 3G M2M technology. Similar products use dated 2G devices that will phase out in the near future. With Boat Command, your hardware will continue to work for years to come.

How will Boat Command protect my boat?

Boat Command will help you protect your boat against:

  • Water leaks
  • Unauthorized entry
  • Low battery voltage
  • Anchor drift
  • Low or high interior temperatures
  • Unintended shore power disconnections

Boat Command will instantly alert you the moment an event happens with your boat!


Easy and simple to use!

  1. Install the device on your boat
  2. Create your free account.
  3. Monitor, manage and control your boat from your Boat Command account!

Boat Command’s features

  • Bilge pump monitoring
  • Battery voltage monitoring
  • Security alarm
  • Anchor alarm
  • Shore power monitoring
  • High water alarm
  • GPS tracks and routes
  • Inside temperature
  • Weather
  • Unlimited users
  • Control lighting, ac/heater and more
  • Email & text message (SMS) alerts

Boat Command usage examples

Example: Bilge pump alert

Boat Bilge pump on boat runs for 8 minutes straight, exceeding the user’s custom alert threshold of 5 minutes.
Alert Boat Command detects the violation and immediately starts the alert process.
Server The data is transmitted via cellular signal over our secure VPN to our cloud servers which then processes the data.
App This processed data is then sent to all Boat Command apps (Android, iPhone, iPad and Web) to provide the user with the latest information.
SMS Additionally and optionally users can set up text message (SMS) & email alerts to be notified when an alert happens with their boat.

Example: Control lighting

App From the Boat Command app, the user selects the lighting control and turns it on.
Server The app transmits this request to our cloud servers which process this request and send it to the Boat Command device.
Boat The Boat Command receives the request from our cloud servers and starts the process.
Light The Boat Command device triggers the relay which triggers the lighting on the boat.

Example: GPS Routes & Tracks

Boat Boat travels throughout the day around a lake or bay.
GPS The boat’s GPS position is transmitted as the boat travels throughout the day.
GPS2 GPS Routes & Tracks are created from this data.
App The tracks are made available to the Boat Command apps.

Ensure the safety of your investment with Boat Command

Marine monitoring with Android, iPhone, iPad and Web.

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