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Many of you have probably seen in the news that Top Gear presenter, Jeremy Clarkson, has been suspended by the BBC pending further investigation. The reason for this is that he got into a bit of a scuffle with one of his produces.  In the meantime, Top Gear has been postponed from airing. I desperately hope it comes back.

If you haven’t heard of Top Gear, it’s the most watched factual television show in the world, with 300 million viewers. Factual may not be the best word for the show, though. Top Gear is basically three middle-aged men (Clarkson along with Richard Hammond and James May) who are in love with cars. They go around the world testing cars while generating a lot of humor along the way.

I’m sure you’re wondering how this ties into Boat Command by now. Well, here it is. I’m officially offering Jeremy Clarkson a job. That is, if the BBC doesn’t renew his contract. (Richard Hammond and James May, I open up the same offer to you also.) Like I said, Top Gear is a car show. A very funny car show, but still a car show. However, all three presenters have spent time racing boats on the show. They even built their own amphibious vehicles. Check out this video of three presenters trying to cross the English Channel to France:

Despite not setting a record here, they do have multiple world records, including being the only people to take a vehicle to the North Pole.

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