Boat Command Classic - FAQ

For VMS questions, please contact support

Does the Boat Command Classic come with a warranty?
Boat Command comes with a two-year limited warranty.

Is there a contract?
Boat Command Classic has no contract. You are free to stop or resubscribe your monthly/annual subscription as you need.

How does Boat Command Classic work?
The Boat Command Classic contains hardware and logical processing to calculate position based upon GPS satellite signals and Cell Tower Trilateration. The Boat Command Classic wakes up periodically based upon a user-selectable interval to calculate and issue a GPS location report to by communicating over the AT&T cell network.

How can I update credit card info?
You can update your credit card by going to Settings>Boat's Settings>Subscription>Manage credit cards.

How to get Boat Command Classic out of hibernation ?
Contact support.

Does Command Store GPS report when it is out of cell range?
Yes, Boat Command Classic will store reports and submit them to your account when a cell connection is achieved.

Map History Feature – What do the pins indicate?
The blue pins indicate positions from the last 24 hours.
The green pins indicate positions from prior to 24 hours ago.

What do each of the lights mean on the Boat Command Classic device?
Green light corresponds to GPS performance. Solid green means the device has established a GPS connection, while blinking means the device is attempting to get a GPS signal.

Amber light corresponds to cell performance. Solid amber means the device has established a cell connection, while blinking means the device is attempting to get a cell signal.

If both lights are off, it means the device is not receiving power and the connection to the main 12v battery should be checked.

General Device  information
Viatrax Automation’s Boat Command Classic makes it easy for boat owners to connect directly to their vessels using on their smartphone or their computer’s web browser. From there they can monitor their vessel’s vital signs in real time, set up alerts for unusual activity, and even control desired functions, such as lighting, refrigeration, or air conditioning.


  • Bilge pump monitoring – Extensive bilge pump monitoring and support for all types of bilge pumps and high water alarms. Monitor bilge pump activity including activations and total time.
  • Security – Door switch or motion sensor alerts.
  • Battery voltage – Battery voltage monitor and alerts.
  • GPS – GPS tracking and area alerts with Geo-fences.
  • High water alarm – Detect and alert on high water alarms.
  • Temperature – Internal temperature reporting and low/high alerts.
  • Shore power – Shore power status and alerts.
  • Weather – Weather reports and forecasts with wave heights and custom alerts.
  • Unlimited sharing – Allow others to monitor your boat (unlimited).
  • Controls – Control lighting, air conditioning and more on demand.
  • Alerts – Robust and customizable alerting system.
  • Anchor alarm – Anchor alarm.

Boat Command Classic Manual
Manual Link

What is the Boat Command's Dimensions and Weight ?
Dimensions  2.125″ x 3.5″ x 0.625″

Weight: 0.16 lb


What is Boat Command's power consumption and operating voltage?
Less than 70 mA @ 12V (active), less than 10 mA @ 12v (sleep)
Operating voltage : 9-30 VDC

What is the Boat Commands operating temperature ?
-22 to 167.00ºF (operating); -40 to 185ºF (storage)

Boat Command Classic back up battery life
Battery life will depend on how often the device reports, cell strength, and GPS signal. If the device  is stationary, it will report every 24 hours only and will last 12-18 months.
If it is on a daily driver, it is approximately 3-5 months.

What gauge wire does Boat Command use?
Boat Command uses 16 gauge wire for power, and up to 20 gauge for everything else.

Product Activation and Setup

How do I use The Boat Command Classic?

Install the Boat Command device

  1. Sign up your account at:
  2. Enter your Key Code 
  3. Choose a subscription option that suits you 
  4. Select your desired reporting frequency 


How do I install Boat Command?
Connect the harness to your battery by the long red and black leads to the main battery.
Fit the harness into the Boat Command device. Then mount the device in a dry area on the boat.
Please see the manual for more in depth instructions. Manual Link

How do the subscriptions work?

Need help on gathering description/pricing info for this i cant find in shopify and only some on stripe

Boat Command Classic Basic $8.99
Boat Command Classic Premium
Boat Command Classic Elite $29.99

Boat Command Classic Year Basic $79.99
Boat Command Classic Year Premium $134.99
Boat Command Classic Year Elite

Boat Command Classic Year Basic International $114.99

Does Boat Command have an app?
Boat Command utilizes state-of-the-art responsive web app technology to bring your tracking data to your fingertips in the fastest and cleanest fashion.

You can add a shortcut to the web app from your mobile web browser. 

Apple IOS Instructions

Android Instructions

Boat Command Troubleshooting

Why isn’t my Boat Command Reporting?

Make sure the device is securely plugged in and green and amber lights are solid.

Check the dashboard at -- are there any warnings about cell reception or GPS satellite reception? If the issue persists please contact customer support

Why does my Boat Command sometimes miss a GPS report or show the wrong location?
If your Boat Command is in a location that does not have good cell reception, it may save the GPS report and send it later. Once sent it will update the device location.

How do I reset the Anchor alarm?

Please turn the Anchor alarm off, then unplug the unit. After that is done, plug the device back in after 10 seconds or so. Once the device's LED lights go solid, request a report from the device and refresh your screen after 30 seconds. Do this until you get an update after the initial boot up report and then turn on the Anchor alarm again. This should calibrate it to that specific location and shouldn't be an issue in the future.

Why am I not getting alerts?

Ensure the alerts are set. When an alert goes off,  you must reset it after by pressing the red "reset alert" button. 

A video explaining the different types of alerts and the set up would be helpful for both cs agents and customers

Why am I getting so many alerts?

Ensure that the alerts are set correctly in device settings, and that there are no wires crossed this can cause false alerts to be sent out. If the issue persists please contact customer support.