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I am pleased to announce that there is a new product in the Boat Command family. We’ve decided to call it RV Command. Very creative, right? We had been planning on creating an RV monitoring system similar to Boat Command for some time, and thought it would be valuable to RV owners. We just didn’t know how valuable it would be, until recently. Some of our Boat Command customers are also RV owners. (That sounds like the life to me!) And they love our Boat Command system so much that they actually jerry-rigged Boat Command systems for their RVs.boatcommand.logoRV Command has very similar functionality to Boat Command. You can monitor GPS Location, Battery Voltages, Temperature, Shore Power, and Security with motion sensors and door switches. You can still turn on and off features such as lighting, refrigerators, and A/C. The only thing that RV Command doesn’t have is Bilge Pump monitoring. If your RV needs bilge pumps, you might have more serious problems than we can help with. For more information, go to: rv-command.com


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