The Fourth of July is Nearly Upon Us

Last March, my friends and I went up to Colorado to do some snow skiing. While relaxing in the hot tub after a long day on the slopes, we started discussing our favorite holidays. My choice was the Fourth of July. I love Christmas time, but for some reason the Fourth of July has always been special to me. The warm weather allows for fun outdoor activities by day, and fireworks by night. But above all, my favorite part is spending time with family.


Last year’s Fourth of July celebrations were a blast. My family started off by going to watch fireworks at the lake on the 3rd. On the Fourth of July, we opened with some tennis “grudge matches”. We then did some time trials with a small Sunfish sailboat. My time was a bit slow after running aground for a bit.


My cousin demonstrating the proper sailing technique!

Most of the family and friends (around 50 of them) began eating after these activities. However, four of us had self-designated ourselves as mealtime entertainment. The entertainment consisted of Sousa marches performed by a “tasteful” Trumpet/Sousaphone quartet. Somehow we lasted over half an hour before the crowds began throwing fireworks at us.


The infamous quartet! I’m the one on the left.

Following the music (if you can call it that), my pyromaniac family members performed a great show to end the evening. I’m looking forward to another good celebration, and wish you all a happy holiday!

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