The Holidays are over…

Some say that the holidays are over. I’m still holding out for St. Valentine’s Day, but I suppose the Holidays of Endless Food have officially ended. And I have definitely been eating a lot. If I fall in the water any time soon I’ll probably have to wear two personal flotation devices. I would consider the first Holiday of Endless Food to be Thanksgiving. I feel like I’m quite a thankful person but for some reason, Thanksgiving seems to get overlooked due to Christmas being just around the corner. Nonetheless, I was a very thankful person this year. I’ve got a great job here at Boat Command and I just happen to be spending lots of time on boats doing “work”. What were you thankful for this year?

Christmas is the biggest Holiday of Endless Food for me. Not only is it my favorite holiday, but there are also numerous desserts to choose from during Christmas. One of my weaknesses, among many I admit, is sugar cookies. There is something about a good sugar cookie with lots of icing that gets me. Although I’m pretty content with  sugar cookies for Christmas my family and loved ones insisted on buying me even more presents. I sadly didn’t receive a boat although I did receive many good books and what I would call stylish sweaters. (My sister might disagree.) What did you get for Christmas this year?


Mele Kalikimaka from Hawaii

The final Holiday of Endless Food has to be New Year’s. Actually, it could also be called the Holiday of Endless Drinks. One of these years, I think it would be fun to bring the New Year in on a boat. More specifically, I’d like to be somewhere in international waters and shoot skeet with my shotgun. It would be like fireworks! Most people start off the New Year with some sort of resolution. I haven’t made many New Year’s Resolutions but this year I have. I am making a conscious effort to take more pictures. That way when I’m old, I can remember the cool things that I did while I was young. What is your New Year’s Resolution?

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