Who we are: part 1

I’m convinced that here at Boat Command, we’ve got a very special group of people. This is what differentiates us from other companies and ultimately allows us to offer you superior products and services. For part 1, I am going to introduce someone I know very well: myself! I’m Sean and if you’ve been reading our blog, you’ve probably seen my picture directly to the left. I recently graduated from The University of Tulsa with an accounting degree and am currently working towards my MBA.

Even though I’m taking graduate courses, I still find time to work at Boat Command because this is what I love. Everyone who works at Boat Command brings something different to the company. I’m able use what I’ve learned at school and apply it to all different aspects of Boat Command. Right now I’m in charge of accounting and anything that targets a younger market, like social media. I also help out with pretty much everything else, such as product development, marketing, boat shows, and strategic management. I think it’s pretty safe to say that I’m the least qualified member of the Boat Command team. So be prepared to meet the rest of our team in the next, “Who we are” blog.


Me on top of a mast!

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