Who We Are: Part 2 Continued

This is a continuation of the second installation in the “Who We Are” at Boat Command series. If you missed the first part, you can catch up here: Who We Are: Part 2. In the previous blog, we talked about Mike the Businessman. Now it’s time to talk about Mike the Sailor. Mike has always enjoyed spending time on the water, although he didn’t get to do as much as he would’ve liked during his time as a CEO. However, he has recently rekindled that love of the water.

transpac finish

Mike and brother Bob after TransPac Race

In 2005, Mike and his brother Bob (who will be revealed in a future blog) bought at 46 ft Fountaine Pujot catamaran named The Bablefish.They went on many sailing adventures, with one of the more interesting being a transatlantic voyage from Norfolk, VA to La Rochelle, France. The journey took just over 26 days.You’d think most people would be pretty satisfied with a voyage like this.


The Minnow in a Fjord

However, The Bablefish is just the beginning. After that, Mike and Bob got a new boat called The Minnow. This name is a little ironic since the new boat was a 52 ft Catana Ocean Class catamaran. Mike went on to pass through the Panama Canal twice on The Minnow while exploring the Pacific from Midway to the Aleutians and the Atlantic from South America to Canada. Mike is still enjoying the water on The Minnow and his two Catalina’s Magic and Kemosabe.

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