Who We Are: Part 2

I’m convinced that here at Boat Command, we’ve got a very special group of people. This is what differentiates us from other companies and ultimately allows us to offer you superior products and services. For part 2 I’m going to introduce our leader, if we had a leader of course. Here at Boat Command we like to think of ourselves as equals. However, if we were to have a leader, it would be Mike. Mike came up with the idea for Boat Command at the beginning of the year and has been spearheading the operation ever since then.

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Mike the Scuba Diver!

Boat Command is not Mike’s first time running a business though. Mike has been instrumental in starting a number of technology companies including ViaGrafix (the makers of DesignCad), which went public in 1998. Mike has been very successful in business over the years. He says that a large part of his success is due to focusing on the customer. Focusing on the customer has become a “fad” in business, and fads can come and go. Mike has been focusing on the customer for decades and this is not likely to change.

Helping the customer has become ingrained in him, and he is ingraining this in the people who work with him. (Me for example). So don’t worry! When the focusing on the customer fad becomes unpopular, we at Boat Command will always be happy to help YOU, the customer. Mike is such an interesting person that I’m going to have to continue “Who We Are: Part 2” in the next blog. Stay tuned!

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